As we near the end of March, we're thrilled to announce the latest updates to our app and website! Our platform has been revitalized with exciting new features and improvements that will take your experience to the next level.
Learn more about our March updates below:
🛠️ Improvements
1 -
Now Streamline Lucid integration is installed faster
2 -
Improved Figma onboarding screens
3 -
Reduced size of our Figma/Lucid files 2x so that these plugins load faster for users
4 -
Improved d&d experience when dragging PNG images in Lucid plugin
5 -
Improved error messages when accepting member invitations
6 -
Now users who are pending cancelation can see a button to manage their subscription on My account page
🐛 Bug Fixes
  • Analytics bugfixes about free trial
  • Fixed the Thank you page
  • In Lucid the family/category popover now properly closes after selecting
  • Now invited members will not be confused with free trial
  • Now people who sign up on pricing page will not be confused with free trial
  • “The email address is already in use by another account” is now properly displayed for users
'Guidance' is
a sophisticated and modern approach to signage icons
, blending the geometric lines of modern architecture with the organic shapes of nature.
From 'Restroom', 'Arrows' and 'Transportation' to 'Recycling', 'Security' and even some basic 'Interface' signs, you'll find all the icons you need to
make your space more attractive and easier to navigate
Discover the most adorable and friendly avatars. ✨
Perfect for enhancing your app's profile pictures and adding a charming touch to user mugshots.
What took us so long? 😎
Now you can download vectors of all your favorite Memes in two different styles:
  • Hand-drawn
  • Line with adjustable strokes
All licensed under GNU General Public License with no copyright infringement intended.
Our lovely organic and geometric shapes have found a new friend: gradients!
A huge collection of abstract shapes in which you can customize the colors to suit your needs and create unique outcomes.
We love gradients!
And now we're able to share them with you thanks to this gorgeous selection of backgrounds presented in two styles with completely customizable colors.
  • Blurry
    for complex and messy backgrounds
  • Linear
    for a more classic look
Behold our beautiful collection of vintage vectors!
From decorative ornaments to Art Deco illustrations, only the finest elements to make your designs as
(and classic!) as you need them to be.
There are
hundreds of vectors
available for each of these sets.
Vintage vectors
Type ornaments
Vintage graphics
Vintage images
Art Deco
Art Noveau
Our latest update for the Freehand set of icons brings 100 new icons to our a variety of categories.
A friendly style with a hand-drawn feeling. Only one color that you can adapt to your branding in our app. Based on a 24px grid.
✨Available in Freehand & Freehand Duotone
Freehand - 100
Freehand - 100 duotone
Bug fix
We've got some tricks up our sleeve with our latest app and website updates! With the latest updates to our app and website, we've transformed our platform into something truly magical.
Check out the secrets behind the magic below:
🪄 Improvements
Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 8
1 -
There’s now a family + category name on the preview in collections
2 -
Now collections pages work on desktop instead of being opened in web browser
🪄 We've also made the following bigger changes to the UI of Streamline on Lucid, all to give our users easier use
3 -
Onboarding improvements
4 -
Replaced tabs at the top with dropdown
5 -
Global/family search UI improvements
- Fixed rounded corners on small icons
🃏 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sign-in issues for Streamline plugin for Safari users
  • Removed the unnecessary horizontal scrolls on family page
  • Made stroke-width remembered value to be more predictable
  • Improved UX in Figma when network requests fail
A growing collection of Retro shapes with retro aesthetics, great variety of 3D shapes. Mixed with old school sense to make your design stand out.
⚡️Coming in three styles: simple Line, colorful Filled, and unique Pattern.
Retro shapes - 130 update-line
Retro shapes - 130 update-filled
Retro shapes - 130 update-pattern
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